I spend a lot of time building products and writing about products. So far I’ve not been able to make any money from it. CommitCheck and PR Scheduler are growing but have not reached the point where they can be monetized. Making money is not my primary goal, I already have a software job that pays well. However, I would like to make some money to justify my time.

My first idea is to use Carbon Ads. I don’t generally like online advertising but I don’t mind targeted, minimal ads. Carbon Ads are tech focused, discreet and tasteful.

With my current traffic numbers I’ll be making about $5 a month. Not exactly life changing. However, I think there’s a reasonable chance that this site grows 10x - 100x. With those traffic numbers, ad revenue would cover investment in my side projects and perhaps a new MBP every 3 years 🙏.

Last thing, I’d like to ask for your help. If you enjoy my site and use an ad blocker, please consider whitelisting tomkadwill.com. I’ll only ever show a single, tech related ad on each page. Thank you.