Here are my favorite books, podcasts and blog posts of 2018.


Stephen king on writing

Half writing book, half autobiography. Stephen King describes his writing process and provides guidance on how to be a better writer. The book also contains many stories about his life. A fantastic book for anyone looking to level up their writing

If you’d like to learn more, Derek Sivers has written some great notes on the book.

The Little Go Book

A good, free introduction to Go-Lang. I read this book before writing my first Go programs. It’s a little dry but it’s concise and straight to the point. The book covers all the main Go language features and is just 80 pages long.

How to fail at almost anything and win big

A book by Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert. I discovered this book via Tim Ferriss and Marc Andreessen. In the book he talks about system vs goal thinking. Systems are superior in Scott’s view because they allows for continual development and don’t limit you from seeking other opportunities.

Scott also talks about perusing opportunities that build skills. That way, even if the project fails it will increase your likelihood of success in the future. For example, Tim Ferriss said that he committed to 6 initial podcasts. Even if the project failed, he would build his contacts and improve his speaking voice.

The Happy Body

I’ve been trying to cultivate a morning exercise habit for some time. I was looking for something that combined strength and flexibility, that would keep me healthy as I age. I discovered The Happy Body after reading an interview with Naval Ravikant.

The Happy Body book consists of an eating plan and 30 minute morning workout program. The exercise routine only requires a few dumbbells and includes mobility and strength exercises. The goal of the happy body program is to stay youthful throughout life. Watch this talk to learn more.


Conversations with Tyler

Tyler Cowen is an economics professor with a wide range of interests. In the podcast, he interviews high profile people across a broad range of subjects. Notable guests include: Vitalik Buterin, Nassim Taleb and Daniel Kahneman.

Joe Rogan’s two interviews with Henry Rollins - #906 & #1155

Rollins is a fascinating person with an interesting perspective on life. Particularly on personal productivity, tolerance and travel.

Blog Posts

Ryan holiday’s notecard system

In this blog post Ryan explains how he takes notes on everything he reads and organises it for future use. I’ve adapted this system to meet my own needs and I’m using it for all content I consume. It helps me remember more about what I’ve read and makes it easier for me to reference it later.

GTD in 15 minutes

I’ve read the GTD book and I highly recommend it. However, if you’re looking for a quick introduction or you’ve read the book and want a recap, this blog post is fantastic.

Naval Ravikant’s tweet storm

@naval posted a tweet storm called “How to Get Rich”. The title sounds a little scammy but his future predictions/philosophy are worth reading.