I’m starting a new project. I’ve bought a domain - it’s codeproblem.io.

What is it?

I’m building a site that provides solutions and explanation for code problems from sites like Codewars, Hacker Rank and Project Euler.

Who is it aimed at?

  • People who want to get better at coding problems for job interviews
  • People who want to improve their foundational CS and programming skills
  • People who want to get better at competitive programming


Initially I’ll use unobtrusive ads (as much as ads can be unobtrusive). Either from direct ad deals or via Carbon Ads.

In the future I may be able to provide a paid course or e-book for users who want extra help.

Why did I decide to start it?

I’ve been practicing programming challenges a lot recently. It’s useful for future job interviews (not that I’m looking). More importantly I think it will make me a better programmer. But, when I get stuck on a hard problem it’s difficult to know how to improve. For example, what algorithm knowledge am I missing? Is there a core language feature that I don’t know about?

I hope that codeproblem.io will help me get better at programming problems and help others too.